Hello, my name is Nick Tortorelli, I started shooting a bow in 1969 at eight years old, when my parents decided to get the whole family involved in the great sport of archery. I started out shooting a recurve and have shot many types of bows since those early days. In 1988 I traded in my compound to get back into traditional archery. That transition brought back a true love of the sport for me, there is nothing quite like the feeling of carrying a stick bow in the woods, somehow it just feels more natural. In 1989 I built my first selfbow out of two hickory pick handles , 47# @ 28 " and it shot, from that moment on I was hooked. I'd built several selfbows in the years to follow then decided to build my first bow press. The first Tortorelli Traditionals glass laminated longbow came out of the press in the winter of 1995 I have built many bows since then. A Tortorelli Traditionals Bow is a true work of art as well as an accurate, smooth and quiet shooting bow.
    I warranty all of my fiberglass laminated bows for three years from the date of purchase, under normal use conditions. If you have any issues with your Tortorelli traditionals bow, related to craftsmanship or materials contact me and I will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are completely satisfied with your Tortorelli Traditionals bow.
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